2017 Toyota Alphard News, Release date

Soon after the announcement of its 2016 model the Toyota have released the information about the potential production of the 2017 Toyota Alphard model. Even most of the features it will receive will be shared with its predecessor this will be quite adorable family van with a welcoming appearance. A big family doesn’t have to worry about fitting inside of the vehicle during the vacations of to reduce the number of their luggage. This vehicle will offer spacious and comfortable environment for its passengers.

 2017 Toyota Alphard front

2017 Toyota Alphard News

The boxy and typical van exterior may not attract you much but the quality and warmth it radiates with won’t leave you unmoved. It will be a full size van offered in different colors and illuminated by the new LED lights. 2017 Toyota Alphard’s body will be built out of lightweight materials, so despite its massive appearance it will be incredibly light and fuel efficient. The side doors will be gliding and the isolation will be soundproof in order to reduce the outer noises and enjoy the peaceful ride.

The interior design will be more than you have expected from a vehicle of its kind. 2017 Toyota Alphard will be covered in high quality materials and will offer utterly spacious cabin. There will be three rows of seats from which all can be adjusted in different ways and the last two rows can fold, and even move aside its seats in order to make more room. One special feature is that 2017 Toyota Alphard is a perfect for the families with the disabled members because se seats can be moved outwards so they could be easily placed on them. There will also be a number of infotainment and entertainment options. Some of the standard technological elements will be a satellite radio and navigation, modern audio system, Internet and Bluetooth connectivity, rear view camera, dual-zone climate control, and many more.

 2017 Toyota Alphard rear

As far as we know the new 2017 Toyota Alphard will be offering three engine options. The first one will be a 2.5-liter 2AR-FE unit with the generation of 180 horsepower which will make a powerful combo with 7-speed automatic transmission. The second option will be a 3.5-liter 2GR-FE with the production of 276 horsepower and being paired with 6-speed automatic Super ECT transmission system. The third engine will be a 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle unit which is twinned with two electric motors which can provide the vehicle with 258 horsepower and automatic transmission system. Due to the usage of the lightweight materials the fuel consumption of 2017 Toyota Alphard will be lowered.

 2017 Toyota Alphard interior

2017 Toyota Alphard Release date

We are expecting this new model to appear till the end of the 2016 year or even till the end of 2017 year, but we are still waiting for the official information. The starting price for 2017 Toyota Alphard might reach the sum of $ 28,000.

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