2017 Toyota Auris Interior, Exterior

The brand-new 2017 Toyota Auris will be a redesigned and improved version of the Toyota Corolla model. This powerful SUV will have a high-quality design, immaculate performances and number of modern day devices installed in it. We expect it to become quite popular but you will be the one to judge.

 2017 Toyota Auris front

2017 Toyota Auris Review

The new 2017 Toyota Auris exterior will be all but ordinary. A number of quite stylish changes have been applied to it. It will have the boomerang-like grille and thin air vents and its entire structure will be illuminated with the new LED technology on its front and rear lights. It will be slightly higher than its predecessors and will have beautiful exterior color choice. Its body will have sleek lines and slightly extended nose part in order to make it more aggressive and daring.

The cozy cabin of the new 2017 Toyota Auris will be able to receive five adult passengers on its comfortable leather upholstery of different colors and decorative stitching. The seats covering will depend on a trim level so besides leather it could have fabric coverings for lower trims. The inner surfaces will be covered in spastic, aluminum and leather in combination with wooden details. The instrument board will be modernized and equipped with the controls and safety features as well. The technological features won’t be missing either. The climate controller, navigation, cruise control, HQ audio system and others will be only some of the privileges of this vehicle.

 2017 Toyota Auris interior

For now, the only thing we know about the 2017 Toyota Auris powertrains is that it will have only one engine option available. But there is still enough time to have it changed. So the base engine that this new model might use will be a 1.6 liter unit which is able to develop the output of 132 horsepower. This engine will enable new Auris to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in merely 10 seconds. Another positive trait will be the fuel economy which will be rather high with the consumption of only 30.5 mpg.

 2017 Toyota Auris

2017 Toyota Auris Price, Release date

Even though the detailed information about the 2017 Toyota Auris exact release date and pricing is still unavailable to us we will try to figure out some possible situations. So for the release we expect it to happen till the end of the 2016 year even though this vehicle is announced as a 2017 model. The starting price for the base 2017 Toyota Auris model will come around the sum of $14,000, but we are still waiting on specifications about trim levels so we could predict each individual trim level price.

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