2017 Toyota Avalon Redesign, News

Even though the 2017 Toyota Avalon has been announced as a completely new model we will unfortunately have to say that not many things will change. This will be a refreshed 2016 Avalon model but it won’t be less attractive. The appearance will be quite sharp and perfect for the trendy young drivers. The powertrains won’t differ either but will be slightly improved along with the fuel economy. The high-tech ads will make it a rightful competitor and keep it popular at the market.

 2017 Toyota Avalon front

2017 Toyota Avalon Redesign

The perfect harmony between sporty shape and classy elegance has been made. This is how we can explain the way new 2017 Toyota Avalon will look like. The front fascia will be decorated with the massive grille and Toyota logo, as well as remodeled air vents. Of course there will be a LED technology added to its front as well as rear lights. Another addition to the rear part of the vehicle will be a new exhaust system. The fuel economy as well as performances will be improved with the utilization of the lightweight materials for its construction. Its elegance and smooth gliding down the streets will be enabled due to the 18 to 19-inch alloy wheels.

The inner space will reveal the high level of sophistication and elegance. Everything will be covered in leather, aluminum and plastic and possible wooden details. There will be a place for five adult passengers who will be seated on leather upholstery which could be adjusted and even heated. The technological part won’t be neglected either. There will be many modern day tech devices such as navigation, Internet connectivity, audio system, and remote access, climate controller, which will enable pleasant and fun ride.

 2017 Toyota Avalon rear

When it comes to the driving force of the new 2017 Toyota Avalon we are familiar with two possible units. The first one might be 3.5 L 6-cylinder petrol engine with the output of 280 hp while for the second one it might use a 2.5L Atkinson cycle engine with the ability to produce around 200 HP. There are also some speculations that 2017 Toyota Avalon will come out with the hybrid version as well. It will be using a 6-speed automatic transmission system. These engines will be low consuming, purring and will reduce the emission of the harmful gasses.

 2017 Toyota Avalon interior

2017 Toyota Avalon Price

We are expecting this exquisite 2017 Toyota Avalon to come out somewhere during the second half of the 2016 year. In terms of pricing the estimated starting price for the base model will reach the sum of $32,000 while for the more advanced models we have to pay the sum of $40,000 and more.

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