2017 Toyota Fortuner Changes, News

There have been rumors about Toyota coming out to the 2017 year’s market with improved version of its quite popular 2017 Toyota Fortuner model. We expect it to bring this model to the perfection and feel the gaps that were detected on previous models. It will receive the latest technological devices, even better performances, as well as modernized in order to follow modern trends the market buyers will set.

2017 Toyota Fortuner front

2017 Toyota Fortuner Review

There will be nothing authentic concerning the exterior design of this new model. Most of the exterior details will be the same as for the 2016 model. 2017 Toyota Fortuner will have clean but quite classy design. It head as well as taillights will receive LED technology which will improve its design as well as visibility. The exterior colors will stay unchanged and it will receive new 18 inch alloy wheels. Despite of 2017 Toyota Fortuner’s massive and potent look it is going to be fuel efficient rather that fuel devouring vehicle due to lightweight materials used for its construction.

Most of the attractive features are hidden inside of this vehicle. The interior will be quite spacious and sophisticated and covered in premium quality materials. The seats will be covered in vinyl and could be adjusted and heated if needed. The leather coverings will be nicely decorated with the wooden details. The major improvements will happen in the technological area. 2017 Toyota Fortuner will contain voice recognition and commands, modern audio system, satellite navigation, wireless connectivity of different kinds, rear view camera, USB ports and many others.

2017 Toyota Fortuner side

2017 Toyota Fortuner Engine

When it comes to the 2017 Toyota Fortuner’s driving force we are familiar with two engine options which will be considerably bigger and more powerful than the ones used in previous models. The first engine will be the one using gasoline which will be twin turbocharged with 4 cylinder diesel engine with capacity of 3 liter. The second choice falls on a hybrid engine in combination with the electric motor which is able to generate around 150 kW of power along with 400 Nm of torque. These engines will be paired with 6-speed manual or 9-speed automatic transmission system. The front-wheel drive will be the standard while the alternative four-wheel drive will be offers as well.

2017 Toyota Fortuner interior

2017 Toyota Fortuner Price

Even though we are not familiar with the exact release date the upcoming 2017 Toyota Fortuner is expected to appear at the market in the first half of the year. The final pricing has not been set yet but we expect it to range from $ 45 000 for the base model to $ 55 000 for the more advanced one.

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