2017 Toyota Mirai Release date, Price

Another out-of-this-world sedan from the Toyota family is about to dazzle the 2017 market and make quite an impression on its audience. The 2017 Toyota Mirai will be improved, redesigned, and well-equipped vehicle which will become quite popular especially among the young drivers because of its futuristic appearance.

2017 Toyota Mirai front

2017 Toyota Mirai Review, News

The first striking thing about the new 2017 Toyota Mirai will be its exterior. This new model will get a bit futuristic appearance with quite elegant and stylish details. The lightness of its moves and high speeds will be enabled due to the usage of special materials which will offer excellent isolation but at the same reduction of the weigh which will enable vehicle to be low consuming and high performing. Another attractive feature will be new LED lights which will make the excellently shaped body radiate with elegance and power. And besides it will also offer new alloy wheels available in different colors.

The interior of the upcoming vehicle will offer all the necessary features and more. The roomy interior will be furnished with the materials of genuine quality and will be illuminated by the ambient lighting. The seats will be covered in fabric or leather which will be influenced by the trim level chosen. The seats could also be heated, ventilated and adjusted in number of ways. 2017 Toyota Mirai will be able to accommodate five passengers with ease and high level of comfort. The technological part won’t be neglected either and it will include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, cruise control, automatic climate control, full power accessorize and new audio system.

2017 Toyota Mirai

One of the most fascinating things about the new 2017 Toyota Mirai is the engine type it offers. This tells you that it will be a completely new powertrains which will provide it with the impressive level of power, low fuel consumption and which is even more important 2017 Toyota Mirai will reduce the emission of the harmful gasses such as CO2. So the engine it will use will have a Fuel Cel system in combination with an electric motor which will enable vehicle to move to even 500km with only one charging. The power this engine possesses is estimated on 165 kW hours. This will all make new 2016 Toyota Mirai a eco-friendly vehicle worth waiting for.

2017 Toyota Mirai interior

2017 Toyota Mirai Release date, Price

This miraculous structure will be available for the price of $58 000, as it has been announced by the Toyota officials. The 2017 Toyota Mirai final release date is still unknown but it might be launched during the first half of the 2017 year but we are still waiting for the confirmation by its manufacturers.

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