2017 Toyota Prius Review, Price

The upcoming 2017 Toyota Prius model will be like no other Toyota model you have seen before. It will represent a perfect combination of elegance with the daring sportiness. But this is not the only attractive feature it possesses. It will be highly equipped vehicle, with all the modern day technological ads one high luxury vehicle has to offer. Besides that, the performances it offers will be quite impressive and all that comes along with the low fuel consumption which makes it an offer you cannot deny.

2017 Toyota Prius front

2017 Toyota Prius Interior, Exterior

The new 2017 Toyota Prius will radiate with power and masculinity. It will get smooth lining and slightly lowered front part which will contribute to its emphasized aggressiveness. The improved aerodynamics will make it glide effortlessly through urban streets. The entire structure will be created out of the lightweight materials which will significantly influence the low fuel consumption as well as improved performances. The head as well as rear lights will be illuminated by the new LED technology of high caliber. It will get new remodeled grille and bumper as well as massive wheels.

The interior of the upcoming 2017 Toyota Prius will get a complete cutting edge design. Its adornments will be of high-quality materials and will be covering comfortable seats as well. The cabin will be quite spacious and welcoming as well as quite luminous. The controls part will be utterly futuristic with all the buttons and metallic trims. The technological part won’t be neglected either so we will be equipped with all the necessary accessorizes such as modern audio system, navigation, cruise control, full power accessorize, remote control, backup camera and many others.

2017 Toyota Prius rear

In terms of the engine type the 2017 Toyota Prius will be a half breed version. It will be using gas engine as well as electric one. The first engine will be a 1.8 liter unit while the electric one is about to be a Toyota Hybrid Energy Drive with low fuel consumption with the usage of the Nickel-metal batteries. The vehicle will be only offered as a four-wheel drive.

2017 Toyota Prius interior

2017 Toyota Prius Price

Due to the further improvements and upgrades it is likely to have this magnificent 2017 Toyota Prius released during the first half of the 2017 year than in the second half of the 2016 as it was anticipated. The final pricing is still unavailable but it is expected that the starting price will reach the sum of $ 25,000 for the base trim.

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