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The Toyota Company is about to release one more quite innovative vehicle during the 2016 year. This will be a 2017 Toyota Yaris improved and redesigned Aygo model with number of authentic details concerning its design, interior as well as exterior one. It will also offer a variety of engine options which will provide this incredible vehicle with low fuel consumption and performances.

2017 Toyota Yaris front

2017 Toyota Yaris Review

Most of the exterior features of the new 2017 Toyota Yaris have been taken form the new Aygo model but it will receive new more potent grille, massive air intakes in X shape. The beauty of its design and kind of futuristic appearance has been enhanced by the addition of the front as well as rear LED lights. It will be using soundproof windows which are also protecting the passengers form UV radiation. The vehicle will have its performances as well as fuel efficiency improved due to the usage of the lightweight materials for its production.

In comparison this the interior design present in its predecessors, the 2017 Toyota Yaris interior will be made more simple, functional but stylish. The inner covering will mostly be plastic and aluminum while the seat could be covered in leather or fabric of premium quality. The technological advancements present include: 7-inch touch screen, modern audio system, Internet connectivity, climate control, remote access, full power accessorize and cruise control.

2017 Toyota Yaris rear

2017 Toyota Yaris Engine

The situation under the 2017 Toyota Yaris’ hood won’t drastically change but it will still be quite impressive. The first and the base model will be a 1.0-liter VVT petrol unit with the output of 70 horsepower. The second one might be a 1:33 dual VVT with the production of 97 horsepower and the last possible diesel engine will be a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder unit with the ability to develop 88 hp. There will also be a possibility of getting this model in hybrid version as well. It will be using a Hybrid Atkinson 1.5 VVT 4-cylinder engine combined with powerful electric motor which will be the most efficient one.

2017 Toyota Yaris interior

Even though the Toyota manufacturers are still leaving us in anticipation for the exact release date for this magnificent vehicle we believe that it will surprise us with its grand appearance at the market somewhere during the second part of the 2017 year. The price tag for 2017 Toyota Yaris will be utterly competitive and affordable. So the base model will be starting at $15 000 while the advanced model will come around the price of $17 000.

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