2018 Lexus TX Specs, Price, News

Lexus is definitely company which is known that really know how to create amazing style on their vehicles. That is really hard to accomplish when you need to create really big vehicles which are ready to receive more passengers that regular car can accommodate. Lexus really knows how to make it work. Great proof for that is new 2018 Lexus TX which is going to be refreshed for 2018 market year and it does look stunning. Take a look on it.

2018 Lexus TX front

2018 Lexus TX Review

We’ve mention already that Lexus is more than able to create great exterior of their vehicles, no matter if it’s SUV or some sedan or something else, they really know how to create good looking car. The one that deserves to turn your head on his side. One which deserves your full attention is new 2018 Lexus TX because it is beautifully designed. His front side is maybe the nicest on a SUV because it have amazing looking grille, similar as on Lexus new LC 500 which will be present in spring of 2018. Headlights next to the grille are thin and decent but extra effective and useful, they are made with new LED lamps so new 2018 Lexus TX will have increased safety as well. 20.0-inch alloy wheels will be added to new TX making him maybe the most luxurious SUV on the market. His exhaustion pipes and his air diffuser are bigger than before so we expect him to be able to produce more power and to go faster.

Spacious and comfort will be the thing that will make him separate from the crowd and to have advantage on other producers. 3 row of seats will be offered so we know that up to 7 passengers can be placed in new 2018 Lexus TX and every passengers will enjoy. It will sit in perfectly designed leather seats and it will have more than great entertainment system which will make new 2018 Lexus TX leader in family SUVs, especially for the ones with large budget and with small children. Safety will come first in 2018 Lexus TX and because of that, his infotainment system will be filled with new safety functions such as: rear view camera, parking sensors, cruise control, airbags all over cabin and so many extras will be added.

2018 Lexus TX rear

Under the hood of 2018 Lexus TX

This kind of extra luxury and perfectly designed SUV really don`t need to have more than one engine option and so far, Lexus mention only one unit to be found under the hood of new 2018 Lexus TX. That could be basic engine for new TX, which is 3.5-liter V6 VTEC engine with decent amount of power. This time, he`ll be capable to deliver 290 horse power and torque amount of 267 lb/ft. This engine will work perfectly because we know that it is going to be paired with 8-speed automatic gear box which will make him go from 0-60 mph in 8 seconds flat while 135 mph will be his top speed.

2018 Lexus TX side

2018 Lexus TX is worth every penny

We know that we tell you that price for new 2018 Lexus TX, for his basic trim level, will be $60.000 you`ll think that it is expensive and for most of you it is, but to be honest, new TX is really worth every dollar. For those who have enough money to get it, know that he`s going to be available at the local dealers at the February of 2018.

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