2018 Toyota Fortuner Review, Release date

When you want to know what will be trends for next year, you just need to take a look on what Toyota and German factories have prepared. Now, we`ll take a look on what Toyota have prepared for 2018 year. In the plenty of models we came across on one SUV which have huge potential. That is 2018 Toyota Fortuner which definitely can take Toyota back on 1st place where it belongs to be. New Fortuner is definitely vehicle that is ready to be taken anywhere and because of that, he`ll be more than popular among the customers.

2018 Toyota Fortuner front

2018 Toyota Fortuner Take a look! Inside and out!

Toyota as one of the best car Companies on the world definitely knows how to put some extra effort to make their models as attractive as they can be. This time, they`ll make new 2018 Toyota Fortuner to be recognizably boxy but designed with so much style and attention that you can`t miss it when it pass by you. There won`t be some spectacular changes on the exterior when it comes to some important details. Most of them will be restyled as part of the refreshed generation but that won`t be some iconic changes. For example, both of the bumpers will be reinforced but they`ll remain as they were before. The headlights will remain thin as they were just now they are even more functional than before. Taillights will remain the same as before. Maybe the biggest change on the exterior of 2018 Toyota Fortuner is his newly designed grille which is different than before. It have 3 vertical placed chrome bars on it to make it look more luxury. We must mention that new Fortuner will be offered with even more exterior color options than before and with significant weight reduction.

Everything about upcoming 2018 Toyota Fortuner so far tells us that this is one perfect family SUV made for journeys, off or on-road. When you enter this SUV, you`ll have even more of that feeling. New Fortuner will be extremely comfortable and it`ll have more than enough room so the passengers can feel really cozy inside. Leather wrapped seats are there to make it even more attractive so the passengers will really enjoy the ride in new 2018 Toyota Fortuner. Those amazing seats, at least front row, can be heated and ventilated as well. Next to that great comfort level, we know that the infotainment system will be upgraded to the highest level with so many newly arranged functions, safety and entertainment ones but primarily safety because Toyota wants new Fortuner to set an example for safe driving. New 2018 Toyota Fortuner will definitely right choice if you choose it.

2018 Toyota Fortuner rear

2018 Toyota Fortuner must be equipped with amazing engine unit because it really deserves it. This time, it`ll be 2.8-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine unit that will have the power of 174 horses and around 331 lb/ft as torque amount. 6-speed manual transmission system will probably be one and only choice for new Fortuner which will help him reduce fuel consumption which was definitely the thing what customers complained the most in the previous version.

2018 Toyota Fortuner interior

2018 Toyota Fortuner Release date

First, bad news. 2018 Toyota Fortuner will be firstly released at the Asian and Australian market because it was primarily aimed only for that market but when the US customers become really interested in it, Toyota decided to release it in the US as well, at the spring of 2017. Price for new Fortuner, at least for his basic version will be around $45.000 and it can`t go under that.

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