2018 Toyota Sequoia Interior, Exterior

First generation of this popular SUV was produced in the 2000 and the customers, as well as the designers, have seen that this SUV have great potential. Even at that time, with that first generation, it was great opponent to some more experienced SUV makers such as Ford and Chevrolet. But Toyota keep improving it and now, 2018 Toyota Sequoia is the best they can do. Knowing all that, and knowing that they`ve put a lot of effort in making new Sequoia, there`s no mistake if you want to ride new Sequoia.

2018 Toyota Sequoia

2018 Toyota Sequoia Exterior and Interior

New Sequoia will be offered in three different trim levels called: SR5, Limited and Platinum. New 2018 Toyota Sequoia is the biggest SUV that Toyota make and it is the perfect SUV for the US market because the customers in the US loves large vehicles. Greatest change on the exterior, because new Sequoia won`t suffer some iconic visual changes, is that Toyota now used all lightweight materials to make the body of this SUV. That will huge effect to reducing fuel consumption and to increase the speed and power of Sequoia. Toyota redesigned a bit his grille and headlights as well, trying to make it more elegant but powerful in the same time.

Unlike the exterior, interior of 2018 Toyota Sequoia did really suffer some greater changes. Especially in the technological aspects, but also at the design. Greatest update will be that Toyota will made the cabin of 2018 Sequoia from all the finest and luxuries materials that will make cabin of this SUV extra elegant. It will still feature three rows of seats and unlike the some other three row seats SUV, in this, adult persons really can fit that third row. As we`ve mentioned, new Sequoia will have updated infotainment system and all the technological features. There will be functions such as: rear view camera, navigation system, climate controller, heating seats, rear view camera, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, cruise control and more of the extras for a bit more money in 2018 Toyota Sequoia.

2018 Toyota Sequoia rear

2018 Toyota Sequoia Engine

Toyota revealed that they will create Sequoia with two different engine types. Basic version of 2018 Toyota Sequoia will be powered by 4.7-liter diesel V8 engine that is able to create power of 280 horses. Second additional engine will be 5.7-liter V8 engine that is stronger and he can generate up to 320 horse power. These engines will be connected to the either 6-speed automatic or 5-speed programed transmission system. Of course, 2018 Toyota Sequoia will be available in both, all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive modes.

2018 Toyota Sequoia interior

2018 Toyota Sequoia Release date and Price

Newest generation of Sequoia will be available at the end of 2017 and according to some rumors, 2018 Toyota Sequoia will have starting price of around $45.000 for basic trim level and some more exclusive trim level you`ll have to pay around $60.000.

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