2018 Toyota Verso Interior, Exterior

The 2018 is the newest edition of the Japanese manufacturer’s lineup of cars for the 2018 model year. The production of this MPV started in 2009, when it was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Toyota Verso will bring a couple of changes, which will enhance the comfort of the vehicle.

2018 Toyota Verso front

2018 Toyota Verso Engine

The new 2018 Toyota Verso will feature a standard 1.5 liter turbo charged, 4 cylinder engine, which will be able to deliver up to 110 horse power and 200 lb-ft of max torque. It may also feature other powerful engine options, during its later stages of development for max power over 140 hp. 2018 Toyota Verso the main advantage of this car will be that it will be accepted to numerous customers worldwide. More specifically, the fuel economy rate of this car will be 45 mpg on an average and will also have a manual CVT transmission system, as well as a 6-speed setting.

2018 Toyota Verso rear

2018 Toyota Verso Exterior and Interior

2018 Toyota Verso even though there are a few similarities with the previous models of Toyota cars, like Avensis and Auris, the 2018 version will have some great modifications in exterior features. The whole body will be more aggressive, the front fascia will be re-designed, as well as the rear and the front end bumpers. An extra feature of this car will be the brand new headlights, based on Xenon, which are unique for optional bundles of gear or greater trimmings. While fog lights will also be fitted with LED technology and higher trim levels. In addition, a modified tail design has been added with latest 17 alloy wheels.

The 2018 Toyota Verso is extremely elegant and comfortable. The cabin of the new Toyota car will be luxurious, but also very spacious and will be able to accommodate up to 7 passengers, as it has been equipped with the best quality equipment’s and furnishings. Its seats will be upholstered with leather of the finest quality and will have also electronic heating. There will also be added space for cargo, which will satisfy buyers who are interested in these kind of features. Moreover, it will be equipped with new satellite navigation system, cruise control, Bluetooth system, along with automatic two zone climate control, improved infotainment system, as well as a modified dashboard configuration. 2018 Toyota Verso the safety of the passengers will be secured with air bags and high quality seat belts.

2018 Toyota Verso interior

2018 Toyota Verso Release Date & Price

The new 2018 Toyota Verso will hit the automotive market by the end of this year and its price will be between $19,000 and $36,000. The larger trim will come in the range of $45,000. Its main competitors will be Ford S-Max and Grand Picasso C4.

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